Tea Tote Uno (one of our products in a small tote with a jar of tea )

Rs. 650.00


A gift set that has 1 wonderful product of ours, along with a jar of mint tea and a small tote bag. A range of options of which product of ours you can include in your set.

Joy multiplies when we share & the same applies to our gift sets

  • 10-29 gift sets purchased - 10% discount automatically applied
  • 30 & above gift sets - 20% discount automatically applied

A jar of mint tea & a small tote along with

  • Option 1 - Kashmir Mamra Almond Oil Geranium Orange 30ml
  • Option 2 - Aloe Vera Whipped Cream Coconut Lavender Orange 100g
  • Option 3 - Mamra Almond Saffron Serum Oil Rose 15ml
  • Option 4 - Aloe Vera Whipped Cream Almond Lavender Bergamot 50g
  • Option 5 - Himachal Apricot Oil Lavender 30ml
  • Option 6 - Coconut Almond Blended Oil Rosemary Jasmine Lotus 30ml
  • Option 7 - Virgin Coconut Oil Rosemary Lavender Orange 100ml
  • Option 8 - Hibiscus Rosemary Hair Serum Oil Coconut Peppermint 100ml

Please note that the design of the tote bag may vary from the one in the photograph. We make tote bags with pure cotton printed fabric and they keep changing. The one in the photograph is an illustration of the kind of tote bag. The tote bag fabric may not always be exactly the same as the one in the photo. If you have very specific requirement, please drop us a message from the chat section here. Or a message on +917657850477.