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Source to shelf

Only the best ingredients from the purest sources

Our range of all natural beauty & food products

Nature's greatest hits, for you & the planet

made in small bits, all that artificial stuff discarded

pulling recipes & wisdom of yore, only sustainably have we conjured

helping small producers who will surely regale

our secret ingredient is love

something that the big guys can't scale

Our Story

We are source to shelf

We travel ourselves to small hamlets and farms, down to the purest sources, to bring back the highest grade ingredients with which we create our wonderful all natural products...

Our philosophy

Classics reborn

We create new age versions of classic ingredients by bringing them together in unique formualtions & recipes. Be it aloe meeting coconut oil or almond oil meeting essential oils, each product of ours is a modern take on age old wellness rituals & regimes

From the source

We travel ourselves to identify and add small hamlets & farms in our ecosystem. Far from conventional methods of procurement, we bring you our discoveries from where we source only the purest ingredients. It is not the most efficient supply chain but definitely the most elegant

Sustainably produced

Sustainability is at the core of our production & packaging. Be it the use of glass jars for our products, the use of high grade multi use packs for our mueslis, shipping cartons made from waste, or them being stuffed with hay, our production and packaging complements our clean supply chain perfectly

From our community
From our community
This aloe cream is just the thing I was looking for! It's got an amazing whipped cream like texture but what's even better is how the skin becomes super smooth on applying it. The combination of aloe, coconut oil, and vitamin E feels just right. The frangipani fragrance is so natural and subtle. I used it in the harsh Swedish winters and has definitely been the find of my recent trip back home! My only complaint is that they aren't shipping to Stockholm yet :(
— Ruma, 51 | Business Head & Age Defyer
From our community
I've been living in Seoul for more than a year and it's truly a beauty superpower. In spite of trying zillions of extremely expensive, local, and clean skincare options from Korean Beauty, I noticed that my skin was aging faster than ever. The situation got worse when I had an aggressive reaction that left rashes on my face. That's when I got samples of this Five Nut Potion. I was not expecting much, but miraculously my skin has healed rapidly and looks better than ever. My super-dry, hyper sensitive skin has been loving the gentle care. It's been amazing to go back to my Indian roots despite being in the center of the Korean beauty carnival.
— Charu 36 | Marketing Head & Globe Wanderer
From our community
Love at first bite! This is easily the best muesli I’ve ever had - and can’t get enough of! Freshly baked with ethically sourced, clean ingredients from nature’s finest reserves like Kashmiri walnuts and dark cocoa from the hills of Tamil Nadu, that’s great as breakfast or anytime snack! Each bite has that perfect crunch of oats, delicately followed by the smooth release of dark chocolate. A staple in my pantry, I could live on this muesli!
— Joanna, 36 | Marcom Head & Globe Wanderer
From our community
From the sunday oil champi to deep tissue massage for sore muscles, coconut oil occupies a permanent space in my life. And what a find this one from The Nature Mill has been. The combination of these essential oils with coconut oil is just sublime. For the first time, I am using a coconut oil that has notes of cedarwood and lemongrass. I am using it for the body, face, and hair and have been so happy to be able to use my favourite oil as a leave on in the day. The sunday head massage is never skipped now. My only problem is finding a good place to hide it from everyone!
— Roohi, 34 | Tech Manager & Yoga Master
From our community
The Lavnder Chamomile De stress blend is easily one of my favourite teas, right from the very first sip! I also love knowing how fresh and natural all the ingredients are and how much effort has gone into creating such a great blend
— Neha, 33 | Chocolatier & Nature Lover
From our community
Constant travel & changing weather at different locations has wrecked havoc on my skin over the years & I had struggled with dry patches. I have sensitive skin prone to reactions, but the Nature Mill Almond Oil worked wonders on my face to fix my dry patches. A little bit in the night before sleeping made me wake up with dewy skin, which honestly hasn’t happened in years!
— Simran, 36 | Business Head & Globe Wanderer

About Us


Over 12 years of hopping across the Tata Group as a part of the Tata Administrative Service instilled in Aditya the fundamentals of how businesses can be a force of good in this world. From being at the center of the 3G data revolution in India and to shaping premium brands for Taj Hotels, he experienced turning points in 4 industries. With The Nature Mill, he is translating our heritage of nature based wisdoms into new age products for conscious consumers like you


Over 20 years in the beauty industry with multinationals like Oriflame, Avon, and Unilever showed how the giants of the world build sustainable businesses at scale. Having headed East Africa for a multinational giant and having travelled to over 50 countries, his perspectives have been shaped by globe spanning experiences. With The Nature Mill, he is stirring a revolution at the grassroots at bringing consumers like you close to the bounty of nature

The Team

Our team is a motley crew of amazing individuals. Spanning an age range of 1 year to 80 years, it comporises our chief motivators and chief critics. They stand at the forefront of our product development and bring their unbeatable diverse experiences into the melting pot of ideas that is The Nature Mill