Rosemary Lavender Hair Mist (Repair & shine)

Rs. 750.00

Hydrating & softening hair mist with the power of rosemary & lavender. Helps to make hair smooth, shiny & frizz free. 
  • Rosemary is our hero ingredient. Regular usage of the hair mist results in repair of hair strands and protection from damage. Since hair is less tangled, there is less breakage. It restores the sheen of hair
  • No base. No extracts. No fragrances
  • Just the goodness of steam distilled rosemary water with essential oils of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, & orange

Spray on the hair to hydrate it and keep it frizz free. It is especially useful to help spread a hair leave on oil evenly around the hair. Combines especially well with our Argan Almond Hair Serum Oil.

Ingredients: Steam distilled rosemary water (hydrosol), steam distilled essential oils of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, & orange

Usage: Hold the bottle a little bit a from the hair and spray around the hair. Use 3-4 sprays but you can use more if your hair are dry or frizzy. Comb well to spread all over and leave on.