Rosehip Saffron Under Eye Serum Oil | 10ml

Rs. 490.00

All natural serum oil for the under eyes area. To soothe, reduce puffiness, and remove dark circles.

  • The magic of edible saffron infused in a magical blend of 5 super nut oils - rosehip, argan, mamra almond, walnut, & jojoba
  • Comes in a super convenient roll on packaging. Just 2-3 rolls on each side under the eyes.
  • We recommend twice a day. Just this 10ml bottle lasts for around 3 months
  • Along with the famed rosehip seed oil, our under eye blend has mamra almond oil & walnut oil from Kashmir, jojoba oil from Rajasthan, and argan oil from Morocco
  • Infused with edible saffron & the soothing steam distilled jasmine essential oil. Both help to soothe the under eyes area and remove dark circles

Ingredients - Rosehip oil (Ukraine), argan oil (Morocco), jojoba oil infused with aloe vera (Rajasthan), mamra almond & walnut oil infused with saffron (Kashmir), jasmine essential oil

UsageUse roller to lightly apply under the eyes. Spread using your fingers. Use at least twice a day