Virgin Coconut Oil Pull Mouthwash | Peppermint Clove

Rs. 500.00

  • Virgin coconut oil with 6 essential oils
  • Added benefits of crushed cloves & peppermint bits
  • Just a teaspoon needed for a full rinse
  • Leaves behind the freshness of peppermint & lemongrass
  • Ayurveda recommended ancient practice

An all natural multipurpose mouthwash based on the ayurveda recommended practice of oil pulling. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu with 6 essential oil for dental health - peppermint, clove, camphor, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree. fortified not just with essential oils but also with dried spearmint & ground cloves. You only need a small spoon for a thorough cleanse. Oil pulling is recommended by Ayurveda. Just replace your regular mouthwash by this and set of on your oil pull journey. If you are currently doing oil pulling, you will observe that this leaves your mouth feeling super clean & fresh. Redefining what an all natural mouthwash can be by combining virgin coconut oil with highest grade steam distilled essential oils. We travel ourselves to identify the best sources of ingredients. Over numerous travels, we have identified & created a trusted sourcing network, working with farmers & small producers. Takes more time, energy, and expense, but it reflects in our products. A whole new way of building amazing products