Moisturizing Deodorant Lavender Orange | 100g

Rs. 490.00

  • Nourishing all natural deodorant made from shea butter from Ghana
  • with cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu, & gentle arrowroot powder
  • fortified with vitamin E and refreshing lavender and orange essential oils
  • Made with only the best ingredients we hand picked from our travels
  • No use of any preservative or emulsifier. Comes packed with all natural shea granules that melt on contact with your skin

Nourishing moisturizing deodorant made from West African Shea butter, and cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu, arrowroot powder, with refreshing Lavender & Orange essential oils. Deeply nourishing & fully natural. No use of any emulsifier or preservative. Extremely gentle and suited to all skin types, even sensitive ones. Lusciously natural, the deo comes packed with shea granules in their all natural state. We don't use any mixing agents or emulsifiers to dissolve the natural texture. The granules melt on contact with your skin and a bit of rubbing, so you get to see the disappearing act & magic on your skin. Not just any ingredients. Only the most nourishing Shea Butter from West Africa, cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu, and the highest grade steam distilled essential oils. 

This product was 16 years in the making. Merging the secrets of African beauty regimes with wholesome cold pressed Indian oils. We travel ourselves to identify the best sources of ingredients. Over numerous travels, we have identified & created a trusted sourcing network, working with farmers & small producers. Takes more time, energy, and expense, but it reflects in our products. A whole new way of building amazing products.