Intense Saffron Serum Oil (for face radiance) | 15ml

Rs. 1,200.00

With 5 times more saffron than in our saffron serum oils, the Intense Saffron range is a powerhouse for restoring the skin’s glow. The goodness of real edible saffron. Packed with antioxidants like crocin, saffron helps to sooth and clear the skin, restoring it’s glow. This serum oil is loaded with an indulgence of saffron for your skin
  • All natural serum oil for the face loaded with an indulgence of saffron.Redefining how an all natural serum is created without base, extracts, or fragrances. Just the goodness of cold pressed oils, saffron, and therapeutic essential oils
  • Available in 2 variants:
  • Variant 1 - Saffron infused in mamra almond oil with lotus & rose essential oils (normal to dry skin)
  • Variant 2 - Saffron infused in rosehip oil & argan oil oil with jasmine, lotus & rose essential oils (normal to oily skin including acne prone & sensitive)
  • We do not use any extracts. Instead, we use steam distilled floral essential oils that combine with saffron to enhance the skin restoration & glow effects

Usage: Shake well & use 2-4 drops on your face. Use a light moisturizer on top. If you are using our aloe vera creams, use this serum oil after the aloe vera. You will notice tightening, clearing, & glow on the skin

2 variants

Intense Saffron Serum Oil Almond Lotus Rose (Normal to dry skin) - Mamra almond oil (Kashmir), edible saffron (Kashmir), steam distilled lotus & rose essential oils

Intense Saffron Serum Oil Rosehip Argan (Normal to oily skin) - Rosehip oil (Ukraine), argan oil (Morocco), edible saffron (Kashmir), steam distilled jasmine, lotus, & rose essential oils


Most serums are either made with water or a synthetic base which is over 80% of the product! We are heralding the change away from these chemical bases. Our serum oil uses cold pressed oils as the base. We travel ourselves to the to the source to ensure that only the highest grade ingredients make it to us and you immediately see the results in the purity & effects of our products.