Coconut Almond Blended Oil, Rosemary Jasmine Lotus (Hair & body)

Rs. 500.00

The famed mamra almond oil from Kashmir and virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu come together, uniting north and south India. Our soothing essential oil blend also brings together jasmine from the south with lavender from the north, along with lotus and rosemary to make it versatile for hair & body. Use for hair or body. 
  • Cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu meets mamra almond oil Kashmir
  • along with the power of therapeutic essential oils of rosemary, jasmine, lotus, and lavender
  • The combination brings together the benefits of almond oil and coconut oil
  • The blend of essential oils have a lovely natural aroma that enable the use of coconut oil as a leave on. In addition, the essential oils themselves are packed with antioxidants that help to clear and tighten the skin, as well as improve the texture of hair.
  • Can be used for both hair and body. We do not recommend the use of coconut oil on the face for any use other than as an oil cleanser.

Usage: Shake before use. Use in the same way you would use regular coconut oil or almond oil for the hair or body. We do not recommend coconut oil application on the face for any use other than as an oil cleanser. For the hair, use as a pre shower hair oil or as a leave on hair oil. For the body, use as a light body oil. It can be used both pre or post shower. Some folks also take it to the underarms area as an all natural deodorant.

Ingredients: Mamra almond oil from Kashmir, virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu, steam distilled essential oils of jasmine, lotus, rosemary, & lavender 

Why use an oil blend of coconut & almond: 

Coconut oil is predominantly made up of saturated fatty acids, with the chief among them being lauric acid. This makes it anti bacterial and anti inflammatory in nature, as well as a very potent moisturizer. Mamra almond oil, on the other hand, contains some of the highest grade vitamin E. Especially the mamra almond which is grown with the most natural traditional methods. We have combined the powers of these 2 together in equal proportion.