Argan Almond Hair Serum Oil | 30ml (Leave on)

Rs. 990.00

All natural serum oil for the hair as a leave on hair conditioner! The magic of argan & almond oils with rosemary & lotus essential oils. Regular usage results in repair of hair health & smoothness of hair. It prevents frizz and results in less breakage from tangling. It restores the natural shine. Especially important for those with dry, damaged or coloured hair.

  • The golden glow of purity! Cold pressed argan oil from Morocco meets mamra almond oil from Kashmir.
  • Argan is often called the liquid gold of Morocco and is known for it’s magical effects on the hair & skin.
  • The blend of argan and almond makes hair healthy & smooth without making it greasy
  • No bases. No extracts, no fragrances.
  • Infused with steam distilled rosemary, lotus, & lavender essential oils. Help to restore hair health & leave their uplifting aroma that lightly lingers in your hair
  • Especially important for those with coloured hair or weakened hair

USAGE: Use 5-10 drops on the hair depending on how dry it is. Spread evenly along the length of the hair using a wooden comb. It can also be used directly on the scalp as argan oil is known to stimulate the roots & make them stronger

INGREDIENTS: Cold pressed argan oil (Morocco), mamra almond oil (Kashmir), steam distilled essential oils of rosemary, lotus, & lavender


Most serums are either made with water or a synthetic base which is over 80% of the product! We are heralding the change away from these chemical bases. Our serum oil uses mamra almond oil & argan oil as it’s base. Both carrier oils are hugely beneficial for boosting hair health without causing any stickiness