Aloe Vera Whipped Cream, Rosehip Jasmine Rose (Face & body)

Rs. 800.00


All natural moisturizing cream for all skin types including sensitive or oily skin. Use on the face or body to make skin smooth & firm. Rich in natural vitamin C from aloe vera

  • Soothing cream for the face that brings together aloe vera pulp & rosehip oil
  • and 2 therapeutic essential oils - jasmine & rose
  • Wonderful for all skin types including oily/ sensitive/ acne prone skin
  • Can be used for both the face & the body
  • Moisturizes skin & helps to make skin smooth & firm

Ingredients: Pulp of high grade aloe vera from Rajasthan, cold pressed rosehip oil from Ukraine, natural vitamin E, steam distilled essential oils of jasmine & rose. Glycerin, sodium benzoate (food grade preservative), xanthan gum (fermented sugar for thickening aloe)

Use as moisturizing cream for face or body: All natural moisturizing cream. Apply 2-4 fingertips on the face or body in the morning & night instead of a regular moisturizer. Apply a thicker layer on areas that have pigmentation or marks. For best results, use together with our natural serum oils