Aloe Vera Rosehip Under Eye Cream | 20g

Rs. 400.00

All natural cream for the under eyes area. To soothe, reduce puffiness, and remove dark circles.

  • Aloe vera whipped with a magical blend of 5 super nut oils - rosehip, argan, mamra almond, walnut, & jojoba
  • and 5 therapeutic essential oils - frangipani, rose, geranium, jasmine & lotus
  • Super soothing with an instant cooling sensation! Made without any base! 
  • Aloe vera pulp is naturally rich in vitamin C, which helps to remove dark circles and restore the skin’s glow

Ingredients: Aloe vera pulp & jojoba oil (Rajasthan), rosehip oil (Ukraine), argan oil (Morocco), mamra almond oil & walnut oil (Kashmir), natural vitamin E, steam distilled essential oils of lotus, rose, geranium, jasmine, frangipani.  Glycerin, sodium benzoate (food grade preservative), xanthan gum (fermented sugar for thickening aloe)

Usage: Take a bit on your fingertips and apply under the eyes. Spread well. Reapply as required. Reduces puffiness & dark circles. For best results, use our under eye oil on top of this cream.