Aloe Vera Argan Hair Conditioner, Rosemary Lavender | 100g

Rs. 600.00

All natural conditioner for the hair. Can be used both post shampoo as well as daily as a leave on conditioner. With the goodness of aloe vera pulp & argan oil

  • Aloe vera whipped with argan oil, and topped with rosemary & lavender essential oils
  • Super smooth conditioning for the hair. Made without any base!
  • Use both post shower and as a leave on
  • Can also be mixed with your regular shampoo to make it more gentle and have a conditioning effect
  • Aloe vera pulp is naturally rich in vitamin C, meets argan oil which has the highest grade vitamin E. They make hair smooth and repair hair texture
  • Use regularly to make hair smooth and frizz free. Regular usage helps to improve the texture of hair strands & make them stronger with that all natural sheen.
  • No base, no extracts, no fragrances!
  • This wonderful conditioner just has the magical steam distilled essential oils of rosemary and lavender. They help to repair the texture of the hair and protect hair from damage

Ingredients: Pulp of high grade aloe vera from Rajasthan, cold pressed argan oil (Morocco), steam distilled essential oils of lrosemary & lavender. Glycerin, sodium benzoate (food grade preservative), xanthan gum (fermented sugar for thickening aloe)

Usage: Conditioner post shampoo - Use as an all natural conditioner after shampoo. Leave on for 3 minutes and wash off. If you are pressed for time, mix it into your shampoo and wash off. Use as a leave on hair cream - Use as a daily hair cream. Take a little bit on tip your fingertips and run it through your hair. Spread evenly and comb/ brush.