Toning Mist Saffron & Rose | 100ml

Rs. 950.00

  • All natural versatile product. Use as toner, face mist, make up remover, hair mist
  • The goodness of saffron and rose together
  • Steam distilled saffron water (hydrosol) infused with yet more saffron
  • Blended with rose essential oil
  • Carrying the goodness of the ingredients of Kashmir

This toning mist is wonderful for skin and hair both. The hydrosol is fortified with essential oil to enhance the effects of smoothening and toning. Hydrosols are naturally anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.

Ingredients: Saffron hydrosol (hydrosol is stem distilled water of saffron), Kashmiri saffron, steam distilled rose essential oil

How to use:

For the face: Close your eyes and keeping the bottle a couple of inches away from your face, spray 2-3 times. It will help clean pores. Apply before any other product post washing. You can also dab it in a bit of cotton and place it under the eyes for an express under eye pampering session.

For the hair: Keep the bottle a couple of inches away from your hair and spray 3-4 times. It acts as a natural conditioner & reduces frizz.

The story

We had embarked on a journey in Kashmir to find the famed Kashmiri saffron. One of the most expensive spices in the world that is bestowed with magical properties for the skin and hair. Each strand of saffron needs to be delicately plucked from the flowers with precision. Away from the urban chaos lie the famed saffron fields of Pampore. It is there that we work with saffron farmers to bring you this unique creation. Steam distilled water of pure saffron carries it's potent powers but we just didn't stop there. We combined it with stem distilled rose essential oil. A combination that will take you back to the days when such creations were exclusively created for royalty.