Peanut Butter Baked Muesli | 300g

Rs. 500.00

  • Happily ever after for taste and nutrition
  • high grade rolled oats with wholesome Himalayan peanut butter from Uttarakhand
  • raw mountain honey from Uttrakhand and almonds and walnuts from Kashmir
  • honey so pure that we use less than half the honey than traditional recipes
  • made with love and care in super small batches of just 2Kg
  • we travel ourselves to hand pick the best ingredients

Yummy wholesome muesli made from oats is rich in fiber and a great source of whole grains. This makes it an excellent source of energy and it's high fiber content makes you feel full for longer, thereby helping avoid snack cravings. Muesli is very versatile and can be used to add a crunch to pretty much anything. From milk to yoghurt, from smoothies to fresh fruit, the possibilities are endless.

The process of making a muesli involves baking oats with other ingredients. One of the important ingredients is the type of sweetener used and it's quantity. We use raw mountain from Uttarakhand. Raw honey is the purest form of honey and contains the most nutrition. In a peanut butter muesli, the quality of peanut butter is a very important factor. Our peanut butter comes from Uttarakhand where it is made from a closely guarded family recipe. Most mueslis also contain nuts. Mamra almonds and walnuts from Kashmir are renowned for their taste and nutrition profile, and we only use these in our muesli.

Made carefully in super small batches. Not mass produced at an industrial scale

For 11 years, we hunted for the perfect kick start to the day and ultimately took matters into our own hands