Lavender Chamomile Blend Tea | 75g

Rs. 450.00

  • Soothing de stress and sleep blend with lavender and chamomile from Kashmir, a subtle green tea from Kangra valley
  • With a dash of mint in this unique creation
  • Convenience of tea bags without the wasteful bags. Just add hot water and watch the ingredients rehydrate
  • Ingredients from this season's produce. No powders, artificial flavours, or fillers
  • Ingredients so good that you can nibble on the bits for an extra burst of goodness
  • Taste the goodness of the mountains in this finely balanced blend
  • Traveled ourselves to identify the best ingredients, working with small farmers in remote corners

This tea blend is a wonderfully soothing combination of lavender, chamomile, green tea, mint, and freeze dried apples. Lavender is known for it's relaxing and calming properties. It is believed to impact the nervous system to reduce anxiety and induce a calming effect. Chamomile is another flower whose tea contains an antioxidant by the name of apigenin which induces muscle relaxation and sleep. Low caffeine green tea contains theanine which inhibits stress and anxiety in the nervous system. We also add a dash of spearmint because it contains naturally occurring menthol which triggers relaxation in the nervous system. Spearmint further helps the digestive system which is important as sleep is induced. Finally, apples contain potassium and vitamin B6 which are important for inducing relaxation and sleep.

We only use fresh produce of this season. No powders, flavours, bases, or mixes used. Just the natural goodness of the ingredients.

We work directly with small farmers. Lavender and chamomile from a small farm in Kashmir and the green tea is a subtle one from the hills of Kangra in Himachal