Kashmir Walnut Oil with Frangipani

Rs. 950.00

  • Cold pressed Kashmir walnut oil
  • Blended with Frangipani essential oil
  • Age defying potion for the face, body, and hair

Walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts and have been known to be great for the body and mind. The same nutrients of this famous nut come packed in cold pressed walnut oil. We are only using walnuts from Kashmir which are renowned for their superior quality. Walnut oil is very rich in Vitamin E and B5. In addition, it comes loaded with the powerful omega 3 fatty acids and oleic acid. This combination makes it an emollient i.e. it has ideal moisturizing and smoothening properties.

For the skin, walnut oil is close to the ideal moisturizer, as it not only hydrates but also prevents water loss. In addition, it's antioxidants shield the skin from environmental stress like pollution. The oil also combats signs of aging like fine lines and crow's feet.

For the hair, walnut oil prevents hair loss as it is rich in potassium. Potassium promotes cell regeneration and hair growth. It also combats dandruff if massaged into the scalp.

We fortify our walnut oil with frangipani essential oil which is known for being anti inflammatory. Also makes the skin soft and has a subtle floral fragrance.

Our oil comes bearing the magic of the paradise that is Kashmir. We source from small farmers and producers who engage in sustainable production practices. We went right to the source in Kashmir, where the famous nutrient packed Kashmiri Kagazi walnuts are grown sustainably