Five Nut Saffron Serum

Rs. 2,500.00

  • All natural moisturizing serum for the face
  • Can be used in the day and night both
  • The magic of Kashmir saffron with 5 floral essential oils
  • Lavender, rose, geranium, lotus, and jasmine
  • and a blend of 5 superstar nuts as base
  • Works to moisturize and clear the skin. Specialist for pigmentation
  • Great for mature or very dry skin

Ingredients - Cold pressed mamra almond & walnut oils from Kashmir, cold pressed apricot kernel oil from upper Himachal, rosehip oil from Ukraine, raw shea butter from West Africa infused with saffron from Kashmir, with steam distilled lavender, rose, geranium, lotus, and jasmine essential oils

Usage - All natural oil based serum for the face and the body. Works to impart deep moisturization & nourishment. Anti wrinkle and anti aging from the oils, saffron works to smoothen and firm the skin, while the essential oils work to soothe the skin, clear blemishes and firm the skin.


For the face: Apply 3-5 drops on the face and lightly massage it in and leave on. Works wonders as a night use serum for all skin types. Combines very well with our aloe saffron face creme but can be used standalone as well. Anti wrinkle and anti aging from the oils, saffron works to smoothen and firm the skin, while the essential oils work to soothe & clear blemishes.

For the body: Use as a body oil or for massages. Besides the wonderful nourishment, you will enjoy and be complimented for the light soothing all natural fragrance coming from the essential oil blend that is also soothing the skin and clearing blemishes.

For the hair: Take 7-10 drops and apply as a serum. Spread evenly, comb or brush, and leave on. Works to make the hair smooth and the saffron repairs hair follicles. Saffron is also known to help hair growth if massaged on to the scalp. If massaged on to the scalp, treat it as a pre head wash serum and wash it off after upto an hour.

How our saffron serum range was born: Our saffron serum range is inspired by the famed saffron fields of Pampore in Kashmir. In one of our travels, our farmer friends gifted us a tiny bit of saffron, not the Iranian saffron that is often sold as Kashmiri, but the real deal from their own fields. A wee bit sprinkled into some tea told us that this was indeed another one of our wonderful finds. We launched our saffron infused aloe face creme and the results were so great and so quick. Testimonials poured in and we knew we had found the missing link in our quest to create the perfect serum. Behold, our all natural saffron serum range...