Toning Mist Lavender | 100ml

Rs. 600.00

  • Lavender hydrosol (hydrosol is stem distilled water of the flower) with steam distilled lavender essential oil. No alcohol, all natural
  • Works as a toner, a face mist, and a hair mist
  • Lavender hydrosol & essential oil from Kashmir

This all natural toning mist is wonderful for skin and hair both, and is made from just 2 pure ingredients - steam distilled water (hydrosols) of the lavender flower and steam distilled essential oil. Hydrosols are created in the process of steam distillation in which thousands of flowers are heated to extract their oil (essential oil). The distilled water created in this process is the hydrosol is carries the goodness of the flower. 

Our hydrosol is fortified with essential oil to enhance the effects of smoothening and toning. Hydrosols are naturally anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.

For the face: Close your eyes and keeping the bottle a couple of inches away from your face, spray 2-3 times. It will help clean pores. Apply as toner before any other product post washing. You can also dab it in a bit of cotton and place it under the eyes for an express under eye pampering session. It can also be used as a cooling face mist by just spraying some on during the day whenever you want a burst of freshness. 

For the hair: Keep the bottle a few inches away and spray 3-4 times. It acts as a natural conditioner & reduces frizz