Fortified Aloe Cream Frangipani

Rs. 1,500.00

  • Luscious soothing cream made from aloe juice of the famous Rajasthan aloe vera
  • combined with cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Tamil Nadu
  • fortified with vitamin E & Frangipani essential oil
  • Versatile all natural cream. Use as a full body cream. Works equally well for the hair

Aloe vera is an absolute miracle plant and has been used in traditional medicine and wellness practices across cultures from Egypt to China, and India's very own Ayurveda. Aloe is anti inflammatory, loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are very beneficial for the skin and hair. Aloe has therefore been used to soothe the skin, tackle infections and burns, moisturize and hydrate, and remove scars and marks. For the hair, aloe can tackle dandruff as well as soothe the scalp when used as a mask. It is a natural conditioner for the hair and imparts nourishment to the hair when applied after cleansing.

Our aloe is fortified with the other superstar of Indian wellness practices, the mighty coconut. Virgin coconut oil is anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, and soothing. This combination of aloe and coconut oil makes it a complete all round cream for the body, and hair, while giving it a luscious velvet like texture.

We are getting pure aloe juice from Rajasthan (the best aloe vera grows in deserts) and fortifying it with virgin cold pressed coconut oil from Tamil Nadu.

Further enhanced with frangipani essential oil which is known for being anti inflammatory. Also makes the skin soft and has a subtle floral fragrance.

Born from serendipity. We were fostering Sheru who had been in an accident. Applying aloe and coconut oil to soothe him led to the discovery of this combination